Equipment for reinforced concrete products
Concrete Spreader

The gantry bunker off-loads concrete mix into the mould and brings to uniform surface in the molding of hollow core slabs, and single layer concrete products up to 2 meters width also.

Drive system consists of two-speed motor, reducer, brake and two chain drives. The drive of the feeder consists of motor, reducer, gear and sprocket-chain system. 

The bunker is made of welded steel sheet. The trunnion bearings of the valve are attached at the bottom side. The inner surface is coated with polypropylene. When using the adjustable walls inside the bunker the operational width is changing.

The feeder is suspended by bunkers and consists of frame, drive and tension cylinders and conveyor belt. The drive cylinder is activated by sprocket-chain system, torque from the drive of the feeder is transferred to the drive cylinder.

Dispensing device is installed under the feeder. The position of the dispensing device is adjustable depending on the thickness of formed concrete mix. Bunker discharge port is overlapped by pneumatic valve, which is powered by compressed air system of suspended sleeves of workshop.

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