Equipment for reinforced concrete products

Equipment for reinforced concrete products

"Rosstroytech" designs automated and manually controlled equipment for production of reinforced concrete products, commercial construction projects from precast concrete elements, and building industry at whole.

"Rosstroytech" innovations had become an integral part of present precast concrete plants and complex construction projects. "Rosstroytech" welding machinery as a basis of concrete products multiplies the production output of welded wire and reinforcement mesh, flat and 3D precast concrete parts.

For example, "Rosstroytech" concrete spreaders allow quickly and exact filling of various types of formworks with concrete. Concrete transport system connects batching and concrete spreaders on precast concrete plant and so on.

Service management system of requests & orders in "Rosstroytech" is timely delivery, convenient payment options and reasonable competitive prices. Aftersale support based on competent advice about planning the installation, operation and maintenance of the purchased equipment for every customer. If necessary "Rosstroytech" experts can develop the scalable project of business organization and production workshops within the business framework for optimal use of storage space under condition of high efficiency of interaction of installed systems and assemblies. All forms for the precast concrete production approved by existing standards stated in the technical characteristics.

It is a fact, "Rosstroytech" machinery allows to produce a wide range of concrete products, and customers choosing "Rosstroytech" welding equipment for precast concrete have everything necessary for successful and profitable business.