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Semi-Automatic Welding Machine for 3D Fence Panels

Fence 3D panels are based on welded mesh sections and reinforcing ribs. In fact, fence manufacturing process consists of 4 of 5 mm diameter wire mesh production, bending stage to raise the finished product's strength and rigidity, and also either galvanization or powder coverage design.  "Rosstroytech" has developed a ready set of equipment "Fence" turnkey for small business. 

"Fence" turnkey consists of a high performance automatic or semi-automatic welding machines and integrated (or stand alone) hydraulic ribs shaper. Welded mesh is placed in hydraulic V-shape ribs to increase strength of welded mesh sections. The number of ribs varies depending the fence height. Finished fence section is ready for powder polymeric coating. It is based on electrostatic adhesion of powder paint particles to surface, and further polymerisation of the powder coating in the heat treatment chamber. Finally, coated panels are installed between two posts of a rectangular profile using special clips (intermediate, corner and initial/final clips).


"Rosstroytech" has developed a unique design of the multi spot welding mesh machines equal the technical characteristics of leading manufacturers such as Clifford, Schnell, AWM machinery. Electronic control includes Delta Electronics®, Finder® components. Pneumatics and motor reductors by Camozzi® and Tramec® respectively. Polymeric stage includes the following equipment: heat treatment chamber, powder coating chamber, transport system, sputtering equipment.

Fence 3D panels are suitable for enclosing of residential, municipal institutions such as kindergartens, schools and sports fields, factories and industrial sites.

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  • Specifications

    Welding unit



    Wire diameter, mm



    Mesh dimension, mm

    from 50x50 to 200х200

    from 50x50 to 200х200

    Max. mesh width, mm



    Max. welding spots (heads), pcs



    Cross wire (bars) feeder

    automatic (bunker)

    automatic (bunker)

    Line wire (bars) feeder

    manual (feeder)

    automatic (bunker)

    Welding mode



    Max. transformer power, kW

    75х5 (75)


    Welding speed (transverse bars per min.)

    up to 60

    up to 80

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