Machines for processing of wire and rebar
Automatic welding machine WP-3100 for fence 3D panels’ production with ribs shaper inline

High-performance welding WP-3100 line  provides a continuous process of production of 3D fence panels with minimal involvement of the human factor, in particular only at the stage of entering the parameters of welding and loading of the rods. The machine has a monoblock structure, flow synchronized system of processes throughout the production of the finished fence panel, including packaging and moving on pallets. Such kind of design has been successfully used for the continuous production of fences, for example, in Austrian lines.

Along with high productivity (3100х3000 mm section per minute) machine is able to changeover to different diameters of wire and the step of welding grid. With such an intensive workloads and production volumes, the stability of the line operation is ensured by a balanced system of longitudinal and transverse wire feed. This ensures trouble-free operation of the entire production complex for the production of intake sections on an industrial scale.

Mesh welding machine WP-3100 includes:

  • Feed module of longitudinal rods
  • Welding unit
  • Bunker for feed of cross rods
  • Longitudinal pulling module for ready mesh
  • Stacking unit
  • Motorized roller table
  • Hydraulic V-shaper of ribs ASGM-3100, automatic, inline
  • Original cooling system MSO-200 for welding unit, included

Work process of fence 3D panels WP-3100 machine:

1. Longitudinal bars feeder - longitudinal feed unit allows to use rods of wire length from 500 to 3000 mm, with telescopic and removable design flow that consists of trays. The movement of the trays perform on rollers to reduce friction and increase speed. The design features of the system trays allow you to adapt the same longitudinal flow with step from 50 mm to 55 mm smoothly, the set includes 2 comb with the respective step (50 or 55 mm).

2. Welding unit is easily adjustable, the cylinders' step is regulated by the guides type "dovetail". The power and force of the cylinders allow welding a wire mesh with a diameter up to 8 mm with a pitch of longitudinal rods of 50 mm.

3. The feed bunker of the transverse rods has an installed restrictions (by width of the rod) on the linear guides, which provide quick changeover from one size rod to another. In this modification the bunker feed rate is increased by reducing the time free drop of the rod between the mechanisms.

4. The feed unit is equipped with 2 sliding carriage that applied to reduce machine downtime (periods of time) when actual welding of sections and next supply them to the V-ribs shaper. Interception unit between carriages created for the accuracy and reliability of the mesh panel production. Guide rails for moving mesh have a special coating to reduce noise and well slide off the finished mesh.

5. Hydraulic V-ribs shaper. To control the mesh feeding to the bending machine is carried out in automatic mode with servo and sensor control position to improve accuracy. The unit is equipped with stops for restricting the free movement (prevent the slaps) of the edges of the mesh during the bending. Pneumatic pushers (on the bottom) ensure the extraction of the fence panel after another bending the rib..

6. Stacking unit has the interceptions for the mesh panel to automatically move from a bending unit in a stack. Stacking of the mesh is performed with the movable frame of the finished panels with pneumatic grips, which allows you to smoothly put the mesh into a stack. The height of free fall of the mesh less than 100 mm. Stacking of the wire mesh is performed on the roll-out cart.

7. Roll-out cart is moved to the discharge area after accumulating of a certain number of mesh panels in the stack. The quantity is specified on the control panel. Pushing out the stacks occurs automatically upon return of the carriage.

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  • Specifications

    Welding unit


      Wire diameter, mm


      Cell dimensions (increments to 50), mm

    from 50x50 to 200х200
    rods 8х8 to 100х100 mm

      Mesh width (cross bar length), mm


      Max. welding heads, pcs.


      Cross rods feeding

    Automatic (bunker)

      Longitudinal rods feeding

    Manual (line feed module)

      Welding mode


      Peak power, kW


      Performance (mesh panels 3000х2500mm per min)*


      Welding speed (cross rods per min.)

    Up to  80

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