Machines for processing of wire and rebar
Automatic machine with movable welding heads WFE series

WFE welding assembling machine is equipped with movable heads with welding electrodes which are moved along the upper beam according to the program of weld mesh grid.

The machine is designed for solving tasks in precast panel construction: welding wire mesh with different cell sizes and openings combined with different diameter and length of rods of rebar. Working width of the machine 3600 mm length of finished mesh to 8000 mm.The longitudinal bars are loaded manually. 

The operator then feeds into the weld area the transverse rod from the tray. Also can be equipped with automated bunker for transverse rods. 

Capabilities of the WFE machine allow to position up to 9 welding heads for increased performance and speed of welding mesh.

Depending on the configuration of the WFE machine is equipped with a graphical control panel with visual control of the welding process the current mesh, a touch pad panel for selecting the list of grids needed for production.

  • High rate of conversion from one grid view to another by selecting the desired grid from the operator panel;
  • A wide range of diameters of welded wire and rebar;
  • Upload system of tasks using the USB port or local network of the enterprise.
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  • Specifications
    Max. mesh width, mm 3600
    Wire diameter, mm 4-12 transverse,
    4-12 longitudinal, (14-36 option)
    Mesh dimension, mm transverse from 50 (smooth);
    longitudinal  from 50 (smooth)
    Max. welding heads, pcs. Up to 9
    Welding speed Up to 5
    Cross wire feeding Automatic (bunker)/
    Manual (feeding tray)
    Line wire feeding Manual (feeding tray)
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