Machines for processing of wire and rebar
Automatic Welding Machine WL series. Compact Edition

Special edition of automatic multi spot welding machine WL Compact has a line and cross wire built-in straightening and cutting units, bobbins holder system, high-speed performance about 12.5 tons per shift. WL Compact  is designed for mass regular mesh  production, and oriented for large mesh manufacturers. WL Compact dramatically decrease in space for full production cycle in comparison with standard WL series.

How it works

Use the rewinder machine to prepare bobbins of wire in advance. Install the bobbins to multi-level unwinding system using the lifting apparatus.

Operator sets up the desired technical parameters via control panel, and makes general adjustments of the machine before welding. Operator connects the line and cross wires from bobbins and coils to the machine. Line wires from bobbins system are inserted through the pre-straightening roller blocks and collet mechanism. The collet mechanism moves the line wires to the welding unit. The cross wire is straightened just before welding. Built-in cutting unit makes the bars of specified size, and feeder passes it to the welding zone. Welding in place of intersections is performed automatically and simultaneously. Automation allows making scalable production output for building and construction industry on demand.

Mesh scissors cuts the mesh of a specified length. The mesh of appropriate dimensions is moved to packaging unit.

Basic features

WL series are based on innovate welding. The current version welding unit combines several pairs of electrodes that allow changing the pitch dimensions of the line bars without changeover welding busbar system. Using the special copper bulkhead for changeover the distance between line wires allow saving time up to 60 minutes. The process is virtually confined to change program settings via the control panel and the loading wire in the desired line feeder. Fast and simple adjustment option provides advantage for the concrete industry; the machine’s settings could be changed several times a day!

Pre-straightening unit

Preliminary straightening of line wire is performed in two dimensions by rollers system installed in the units. Each unit is customized individually for appropriate line wire. The system is equipped by collet feeders of the line wire and allows the welding of specified pitch dimensions precisely.

Bobbins system

Multirow bobbin holders allow to replace the bobbin without stopping the production process. 

Mesh scissors

Specially made for cross cutting of the mesh of a specified length. Configuration of the positions is made via control panel. The scissors are pneumatic driven.

Packaging unit

Packaging unit removes the welded mesh from the welding machine. The ready panels drop off in a stack when the welding is complete. If necessary, the unit can be equipped with manipulator, and turn over every second mesh.


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      LW CW Wire Ø, mm Max. width, mm Automation Production speed Price
    MTR bars bars 3 - 25 ≤ 2400 
    RL bars bars 3 - 6 ≤ 2500 
    RLT bars bars 3 - 12/16 ≤ 3000
    RLM bars bars 3 - 5 ≤ 2000
    WP bars bars 3 - 6 ≤ 3000 
    WPA coils bars 3 - 6/8 ≤ 2000
    WL coils coils 2,5 - 5 ≤ 2000
    WL Compact bobbins coils 2,5 - 5 ≤ 2000
    WF bars bars 4 - 12 ≤ 3200

    Custom made models & non-standard modifications can improve output characteristics. Send request.

  • Specifications

    Welding unit


    Wire diameter, mm


    Mesh dimension, mm

    from 50х50 to 200х200

    Max. mesh width, mm


    Max. welding spots (heads), pcs


    Cross wire (bars) feeder

    automatic (coil)

    Line wire (bars) feeder

    automatic (coils)

    Welding mode


    Peak power, kWa


    Average electricity consumption, kW/h


    Welding speed (cross bars per min.)

    up to 80 (depends on configuration) 

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