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Semi-Automatic Welding Machine WPKG series for Grating

Semi-automatic WPKG series machine is designed for metal grating production. WPKG series is a modification of WPK machine for welding the mesh in the jig.  WPKG series allow welding bars diameter 4-6 mm and plates.

Welded metal grating is a widely common element of production sites, various fields of industry as communication paths. Welded grating floor is effective and easy to assemble.

Metal grating is made of low carbon steel with subsequent protective coating. Welded gratings can be made of stainless steel.

The welding process line bars and cross plates are fixed in jig and welded together automatically.

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  • Specifications

    Welding unit


    Bars diameter, mm
    Plated dimension, mm

    30х3, 50х5

    Grating cell dimension, mm

    33x33, 40х40

    Mesh width, mm
    Mesh lenght, mm

    up to 1000
    up to 2000

    Max. welding spots (heads), pcs


    Bars feeding


    Plates feeding


    Welding mode


    Max. transformer power, kW


    Welding speed (cross bars per min.)

    up to 30

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