Machines for processing of wire and rebar
Straightening and cutting machine SPO-110/3-6

High-speed Automatic straightening and cutting machine with Automatic uncoiler included. Automatic straightening and cutting machines cover a wide range of wire (steel drawn wires ranging from mild to high tensile and galvanized) diameters from 3 to 6 mm with speeds reaching 110m/min and more. Wire straightening is executed by processing coil wire through a rotating spinner with tungsten-cobalt dies installed.

Key features

  • High performance comparable to Vitari machines, bars cutting with high precision even at high speed;
  • The kinematic scheme of the machine provides of high-quality straightening of  galvanized wire;
  • The design of the rotor with flat dies and the coolant supply will help to minimize a spiral defect of galvanized wire cover;
  • Increased life time of wire feed rollers is provided by their high hardness (HRC > 65 units), that is ensured by the technology of vacuum quenching;
  • Synchronized drive of uncoiler ensures a precise cut and with no jerks at high speed. Also provides the ability to pay-out the coils with pattern or damaged winding.
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  • Specifications

    Power supply voltage, V

    380(50 Hz)

    Capacity, kW


    Wire diameter, mm


    Processing speed, m/min


    Tolerance, mm


    Cut drive


    Compressed air consumption, l/min


    Compressed air pressure, l/min


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