Machines for processing of wire and rebar
Wire Rewinder

Rewinder wire machine with gear is designed to rewind wire from the coil on a bobbin up to 150 kg weight. Rewinder is used for wire processing, for example, bobbins holder system for automatic welding, retail sales, etc..

Basic features:

  • remote control allows to set desired weight;
  • measuring device provides accurate wire weight measurement;
  • accurate formation of wire bobbins on a removable reel;
  • detachable and collapsible reel.

Rewinder set of equipment includes:

  • Rewinder machine
  • Control unit
  • Bobbin
  • Coil holder
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  • Specifications

    Power supply, V    

    380 (50 Hz)

    Capacity, kW


    Wire diameter, mm


    Speed, m/min

    up to 200

    Max. coil weight, kg


    Max. bobbin weight, kg


    Wire quantity measuring


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