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Automatic uncoiler | Wire payoff machine

The Automatic Uncoiler is designed primarily to handle large quantities of low tensile wire on carriers. Using a combination of control methods of inverter technology help to improve the accuracy and speed of production of the rods, but also can be used as the other machines feed use.

Optimal wire diameter range is 3 to 6mm however diameters up to 8mm have been successfully handled on this machine. 

Automatic uncoiler consists of: welded frame 1; electric drive of coil rotator 2; engagement device for gear of the drive 3; coilholder 4; coilholder’s cover 5;  movable frame 6; pneumatic damper with sensors of wire tension 7; pneumatic brake 8; guide roller blocks 9.


The model is designed for applications with relatively high feed requirements of less than 110 m/min such as straightening and cutting machines, automatic wire crimpers and so on.

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  • Specifications
    Automatic Uncoiler Specifications
    Power supply voltage, V 380
    Motor capacity, kW 2,2
    Load capacity, kg 1000
    Coil height, mm up to 600
    Inner coil diameter, mm from 380
    External coil diameter, mm up to 850
    Speed range, m/min up to 150
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