Machines for processing of wire and rebar
Pile Cage Welding Machine WS series

WS series pile cage welding machines are designed for reinforcement square pile and cage production. WS series technology is based on the winding of a continuous uncoiled wire spiral around the longitudinal rebars while the welding heads moves along the wire.

WS series is a professional cage welding machinery, and has no analogues in Russia.

WS series based on the latest technology and electronic components, pneumatics, bearings, geared motors of world famous brands. All innovations have a positive impact on reliability, performance and quality framework products.

Basic features

  • Automated loading of the longitudinal rebar;
  • Pneumatic clamp of longitudinal rebar;
  • Automatic unloading of the finished cage;
  • Automatic adjustment of the welding mode;
  • Stepless adjustment of cage winding speed;
  • Stepless adjustment of wire winding pitch;
  • Stepless adjustment of welding time depending on electric current capacity;
  • Winding wire diameter from 4 mm;
  • Synchronized drive carriage and faceplate provide exceptional geometric accuracy thanks to the "electronic shaft" by “Omron” company (Japan).


  • Quick changeover;
  • Welding wheel divided into sectors of a composite based on Cu, TiC, TiO2;
  • Trapezoidal pile cages manufacturing also available;
  • Complete system reports of machine functioning;
  • Self-contained cooling system.
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  • Specifications

    Cage size, mm

    basic: 300х300, 350х350, 400x400
    optional: various shapes & sizes

    Distance between outer sides of longitudinal rebar, mm

    240х240, 290х290

    Longitudinal rebar diameter, mm


    Cage length, mm

    up to 16 000

    Winding wire, mm


    Winding wire step, mm

    50-300 smoothly

    Longitudinal rebar quantity, pcs


    Production output (by 12m length), pcs per shift

    up to 80

    Power, kW


    Supply voltage, V


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