Machines for processing of wire and rebar
Automatic Welding Machine WPD series

Step welding machine is designed for heavy flat cages production. Flat reinforcement cages used in various precast concrete products of the construction and concrete industry.

Reinforcement cages are irreplaceable in monolithic construction and various building projects which allows to cut expenses and minimize terms of delivery of objects in operation. In addition, step welding machine provides a high quality of welded frames satisfying contemporary building requirements.

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    Bars + Coils Bars + Bars Coils + Coils
    Power supply, V 380 380 380
    Max. transformer power * Quantity, kW*pcs 75х1 100х1 75х1
    Wire diameter, mm 3-5 cross,
    8-32 line
    5-12 cross,
    8-32 line
    3-5 cross,
    3-5 line
    Indicated pressure, MPa 0,6 0,6 0,6
    Flat cage width, mm up to 560 up to 560 up to 560
    Flat cage lenght, mm 1000-6000 1000-6000 1000-6000
    Max. welding spots (heads), pcs 2 2 2
    Cross wire (bars) feeder automatic (coils) semi-automatic
    automatic (coils)
    Line wire (bars) feeder manual manual automatic (coils)
    Welding speed (cross bars per min.) up to 30 up to 30 up to 30
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