Business Solution "Invest to piles"

"Invest to piles" business offer is a scalable solution to upgrade your business. The best idea for engineering and energy companies are interested directly in production of piles and pillars to reduce expenses of complex projects.

Advantages of formwork pallet technology:

  • Decrease of production intensity due to heavy metal moulds replacement;
  • Cost-effective civil works in production management;
  • Manpower saving of the staff;
  • Reducing the lifting operations;
  • Production areas saving.

Efficiency. Compact technology of equipment placement for the piles and pillars production, allows to maximize products output of 1 m2 of production site.

Mobility. Technology features of the manufacturing allows the use of existing production areas (i.e., rented) as well as a new ones built.

Low-cost. Formwork pallets technology reduces the total load capacity of the equipment, and therefore lower expenses, operating and energy costs. Depending on the region you choose the most cost-effective type of energy source (electricity, gas, coal), and a variant of the steam generation.

Cooperation benefits

RSTgroup ("Rosstroytech" TM) executes quickly the following tasks:

  • Technological design of the project plant with reference to existing or raising building.
  • Manufacture and further supply of key equipment, according to the technological project.
  • Supervision of installation work associated with the formwork pallet technology launch.
  • Commissioning, plant startup, test batch forming, staff training.
  • Technology project documentation of the manufactured products, technical specification requirements.

Business profitability

RSTgroup ("Rosstroytech" TM) technological solution is scaled depending on the growth prospects of your business and forecast expectations for expansion of production. RSTgroup ("Rosstroytech" TM) engineers and specialists will design equipment according to your needs and investment volume. Thus, it allows to control the process of production output, finished products quality, and work of employees.

RSTgroup ("Rosstroytech" TM) executes related tasks also, for example, concrete mix transport system. Concrete-mixing unit is a ready concrete production of appropriate quantity and desired type which is installed on the construction site directly. The quality  of concrete mix is completely adequate the manufactured in large stationary plants.

What is the profit: continuous work at the construction site (two or three shifts), logistics optimization.

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