Machines for processing of wire and rebar
Universal cage welding machine for bore pilings UWS series

Universal cage making machine UWS is designed to produce cage of bored piles with diameter up to 1500 mm. The machine allows to operate with longitudinal reinforcing bars with a diameter of 40 mm and a winding of wire up to 10 mm, cages reach a length of 12 meters.

High performance and automation significantly reduce the cost of products, allow to quickly increase the volume, minimizing the human factor.

  • Automated loading of the longitudinal rebar;
  • Hydraulic clamp of longitudinal rebar;
  • Automatic unloading of the finished cage;
  • Automatic adjustment of the welding mode;
  • Stepless adjustment of cage winding speed;
  • Stepless adjustment of wire winding pitch;
  • Stepless adjustment of welding time depending on electric current capacity;
  • Quick changeover to different forms of cages;
  • Full reporting system on the workflow;
  • Overall strength of the finished cage due to the quality of resistance welding at each point;
  • High production output.
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  • Specifications
    Cage size, mm 250-2000
    Longitudinal rebar diameter, mm 10-40
    Winding wire, mm 5-10
    Cage length, mm Up to 12000
    Production output (by 12m length), pcs per shift Up to 100
    Winding wire step, mm 100-300
    Longitudinal wires quantity, pcs. 4, 8 / 6, 12
    Face plate rotation speed, rpm. 18-26
    Power, kW 180
    Supply voltage, V 380
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