Welded mesh production machines the overall energy-efficient performance

We offer low-cost and effective solution - multipoint manual welding lines RL / RLT series with the following priorities:

  • effective application of a wire rods of wide class of diameters and alloys;
  • ergonomic compactness of the unit, allowing to save workspace;
  • high performance at low power consumption and raw material costs;
  • wide selection the welding parameters for appropriate type of wire rods;
  • welding wire mesh with different cell sizes and openings;
  • repair and reconstruction of used welded mesh any dimensions;
  • urgent small-batches orders;
  • easy operation and maintenance;
  • video tutorials.

Rosstroytech's RL / RLT welding machine have no analogues that allows to start successfully the production of welded wire mesh which differs in high structural durability, wide field of application and long life in any climatic conditions. Patented design of RL / RLT series and intuitive work process management highlight the Rosstroytech equipment among the stupidest Chinese trash and third parties. According to experts, the production of welded wire mesh at the plant equipped with our machines, has the following advantages:

  • high profitability;
  • perfect quality of welded wire mesh;
  • large volumes of production;
  • minimal waste;
  • non labor-intensive maintenance of the equipment involved;
  • optimal power consumption.

Reasonable choice of equipment for the production of welded wire mesh is the key to the success of the enterprise specialization, also working in an attractive environment of establishing of a wide network of regular customers and a high professional reputation.

Optimal approach for production of welded mesh

Today, any plant that engaged in the production of mesh is interested in cooperation with a responsible manufacturer of highly profitable and reliable machines, which are the basis for the organization of work process. Industrial solutions for production of welded wire mesh and equipment that made by our company is the highest standards of quality of products supplemented with high reliability of the mechanisms and components.

Manual (hand multipoint machines RL / RLT series) and automatic (multi electrodes WP / WL series) are the basic solutions of our assortment and allows to organize quickly and with the minimum expenses plant of welded mesh panels which will become a fast growth and profitable business. The constant high demand for manufactured products will be provided, because it is due to the significantly increasing volume of construction and the growth of enterprises for which the wire is the main raw material.


For example, you need to weld a mesh panel of width 3000 x length 6000, cell dimensions 100 mm, rebar diameter 8-10 mm. 

1. Time of welding one point - 1.5-2 sec.

2. The number of welding points on the transverse rod - 30 pcs.

3. The quantity of transverse rods - 60 pcs.

4. Time for pulling of welded transverse rods for one step - 5 sec.

The result as is: 30 welding points * 2 sec. (welding time for one point) + 5 sec. (pulling of welded rows) = 65 sec. (total time for welding of one transverse rod).

60 cross rods (mesh lenght 6000 mm) * 65 sec. = 3900 sec. (total time for welding mesh width 3000 x length 6000, cell 100 mm).

You spend 65 minutes for the welding of 18 sq. m. mesh. 

You will get the best performance when configuring the timr for appropriate parameters of welding cycle:

Press – dropping down period of upper movable beam.
Welding – on-time (active time) of the welding transformer.
Forging – time delay (pause length) after switching off the welding transformer.
Pause – time delay (pause length) between two welding cycles.
Step – time required for pulling mechanism to engage the hook and grab the rod.

The operator presses and holds the foot pedal ones and just moving the welding hammer. Then he pressed button for pulling the mesh for one step. Adjusting the parameters you can tune up whole cycle of welding for individual person and save the time for manipulative action depending on skills.

Technical specifications

RL / RLT technical parameters
Max. width, mm 1000-3000 special edition on request
Wire diameter, mm from 3х3 to 6х6 /  from 3x3 to 12x12 from 3x3 to 14x14
Cell dimensions (increments 50 mm), mm от 50x50 до 200х200 от 50x50 до 200х200 (smooth)
Voltage, V 380 (50 Hz) 380 (50 Hz) / 460 (60 Hz) 
Max. transformer capacity, kW 75 75
Average consumption, kW/h 5-10 5-10
Compressed air consumption, l/min 300 300
Compressed air pressure, atm 6 6
Pneumatic fittings dia., mm 10 10
Coolant consumption, l/h 400 400
Cooling system pressure, atm 3 3
Coolant Antifreeze / water (pure, neutral or alkaline) Antifreeze / water (pure, neutral or alkaline)
Coolant temperature,° C < 25  < 25
Coolant tap dia., inch 1/2 1/2
Weight, kg 380-500  
Dimensions, m up to 1,6х0,9х3  

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