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RSTgroup ("Rosstroytech" TM) is an expert in the field of resistance welding and leading Russian manufacturer of equipment for precast industry, welded mesh machines, automatic and manual machines for multi-point welding and high-tech equipment for processing of wire.

RSTgroup ("Rosstroytech" TM)  is a group of innovative companies with a closed production cycle, specializing in the design, development and manufacture of industrial equipment for engineering, construction and large corporate business. RSTgroup ("Rosstroytech" TM)  equipment and welding machines represent a comprehensive scalable solutions, world-class quality and after-sales service. Thanks to experienced designers, efficient management, powerful production base, accessories of leading manufacturers and qualified staff RSTgroup ("Rosstroytech" TM)  became a leading manufacturer of equipment and machines over Russia. Practical business solutions based on budget savings, combined with reasonable prices. Download presentation (PDF, 2 Mb).

RSTgroup ("Rosstroytech" TM) produces over 80 models of welded wire mesh machines, reinforcing products and concrete production. The company offers its customers individual solutions for their needs. Our designers are experts in development and production of non-standard equipment under the order of 3D drawings and customers specifications. RSTgroup ("Rosstroytech" TM)  expands cooperation with major corporations, medium and small businesses, exporting the finished products all over the world.

RSTgroup ("Rosstroytech" TM)  company manufactures the resistance spot welding machines and reinforced concrete products, and builds long-term profitable relationships in order to develop the scalable customers' business. Our satisfied customers enjoy all available advantages of being permanent partners, who are always ready to recommend and demonstrate RSTgroup ("Rosstroytech" TM)  equipment in the work process.

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